Microfinance Services

Overview and Capabilities

This service profile relates to our Microfinance Division, which is focused exclusively on the provision of microfinance and SME solutions. Our specialized consulting services are geared towards Microfinance, Micro insurance, SMEs development, Financial Inclusion, Entrepreneurship development and Economic empowerment. We strive to provide our clients with insights that act as engine for innovation, growth and sustainability. Our consulting services are founded upon adding value to our clients through deployment of practical and economically tailor-made methods, underscored by a detailed understanding of our clients’ needs, capacities and operating environment.

Operating from our office located on the second floor of Acacia Estates, 84 Kinondoni, we are resourced by full-time professional consultants, and handpicked associate consultants with track record in provision of microfinance and SMEs solutions in Africa and beyond. Our experienced and dedicated team of consultants comprises microfinance experts, housing microfinance experts, financial analysts, investment and business advisors, project specialists, business and strategic planners, and fund managers.

We have worked with various clients to design and manage various projects as well as provision of capacity building in different business areas. That includes the recent World-Bank funded project under the Bank of Tanzania that involved capacitating the select target financial institutions to design and successfully manage demand-driven housing microfinance loan products. Our extensive network of experienced associate consultants guarantees its clients with proven business solutions to meet their ever-changing and complex business needs.

Our devotion is to support individuals and organizations to develop competencies to successfully manage projects and businesses. Our belief is that individuals and organizations perform well when they have the capacity and commitment to do so. Our tailor-made methods deployed in providing consulting services are participatory to ensure our clients own the learning process to attain growth and sustainability. We work with Microfinance Institutions, Banks, Insurance Companies, SMEs, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Government, Development Partners, Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and Investment Funds/Managers.

Training and Technical Assistance

Training and Technical Assistance in Microfinance

  1. Design of demand-driven microfinance products including products implementation support: microfinance products’ validation, pilot test, pilot review and rollout;
  2. Development of key microfinance principles and best practices in designing and implementing microfinance products;
  3. Training and capacity building on underwriting, risk management, marketing and monitoring of microfinance products;
  4. Business and strategic planning including financial modelling for microfinance products;
  5. Management and board training;
  6. Financial and project management.

Other Capacity Building Areas

  1. Staff Outsourcing, verification (KYE), training, mentorship, coaching and tracking. 
  2. Financial and marketing management.
  3. Customer service excellence.
  4. Leadership and management.
  5. Corporate governance.
  6. Training of Trainers (ToT).
  7. Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial management.
  8. Economic and livelihood empowerment, focusing on youth, employees and women.


We provide consulting services in project and organizational design, project management, monitoring and evaluation, feasibility and/or market studies, business and strategic planning, capacity assessment / training needs assessment, entrepreneurship development, policy advocacy, research, financial management, development of finance and investment manuals, leadership, marketing management, financial inclusion and economic empowerment.

Market Research and Data Analysis 

Market Research and Analysis of financial markets, capital markets, insurance sector, financial intermediation and financial inclusion, financial technologies, new products and services, policies and procedures, market development, information dissemination and linkages

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